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Team Member
Prof. P. Kabiru Kinyanjui, Ph.D.


I thank the Government of Kenya for appointing me the first Chancellor of Chuka University. I have watched the tremendous growth of the University in terms of staff and student numbers and infrastructure. This is clear testimony that the University Management has continued to work diligently to achieve its mandate. It is gratifying to note that the University took a short time to mature into full autonomy. I sincerely thank the Government of Kenya for establishing Chuka University in eastern Kenya. It is a great reward for our country as it will open access to higher education for the betterment of all the people of Kenya.

I urge the students, Management and the community neighbouring Chuka University to always pursue peaceful coexistence to realize the Mission for which the University was established. Peace and harmonious coexistence is one of the reasons we fought for independence from colonialists, and it is a God-given desire for humanity. I will be most pleased to learn that the graduates produced by this institution are helping Kenya to tackle the evils of ethnicity, corruption, disease and poverty that afflict society. This should be easy to achieve if all the University’s academic programmes have in-built content that teaches patriotism, ethics, innovativeness and hard work. By observing these tenets, Chuka University will be making a positive contribution towards building a prosperous Nation as envisaged in Vision 2030. I thank the University fraternity and stakeholders for their continued goodwill towards the development of this Premier University.