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Thank you for your interest in The Department Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness Management and Agricultural Education. The Department of AGEC, AGBM and AGED) is domiciled under the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Studies. It was founded in 2017 with an aim of training graduates that can offer solutions to agricultural problems using economic and management tools while at the same time offering training to farmers at various levels of the value chain. The Department strive towards the achievement of the university’s vision of being a premier university in the provision of quality education training and research for sustainable national and global development.

It is the vision of the Department that the publications, research outputs, outreach activities, consultancies, partnerships and linkages established will catapult us into a world first-class Department and guide to subsequent scholars who wish to discover the many dimensions of this academic institution.

The department offers the following programmes:

Diploma in Farm Resource Management

Diploma in Agricultural Education and Extension

Bachelor of Science Agricultural Economics

Bachelor of Science Agricultural Education and Extension

Bachelor of Agribusiness Management

Master of Science Agricultural Economics

Master of Science Agricultural Education

Master of Science Agricultural Extension

Master of Agribusiness Management

Doctor of Philosophy Agricultural Economics

Doctor of Philosophy Agricultural Education

Doctor of Philosophy Agribusiness Management

Student Clubs

Chuka University Association of Agricultural Economics

Chuka University Association of Agribusiness Management Student organization

Chuka University Agriculture Students Association 


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