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Improvement of the livestock production sector as a way of poverty reduction and creation of sustainable livelihoods through well designed degree, diploma and certificate programmes in Animal science and Animal health, research and community outreach is the major objective of the Department of Animal Science.

Through up to date teaching and adequate practical’s in our animal demonstration units with a diverse range of domestic animals, the department produces graduates who are able to work with farmers, national and international institutions in achieving improved animal productivity, health and welfare as a way of poverty eradication.

The department also offers community outreach services to the surrounding community through offering affordable quality Artificial Insemination services as a way of improvement of the genetic makeup of the cattle breeds in the area.

The Departments vision is to be a premier resource centre of sustainable livestock productivity for improved livelihood and food security.


PhD (Animal Nutrition)

M.Sc. (Animal Nutrition)

B.Sc. (Animal Sciences)

Diploma in Animal Health and Production

Certificate in Animal Health & Production


B.Sc. (Animal Products Technology)

Diploma in Meat Science & Technology


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